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Kittery Art Association in Wallingford Square

Frank Frisbee watches Cheney painting one of several versions of Pepperrell Lane or Frisbee's Wharf, Kittery Point Maine, c. 1937.   


"The pictures he has made of Kittery Point and the vicinity 

fairly breathe the spirit of the old town.  He has the true 

touch in the swing of his colors and the rhythm of his lines-- 

all of them look like home. 'Kittery Point is the most paintable 

place I have ever seen,' he said without prompting the question. 

'And I wonder why more painters do not come here.  The 

village is still unspoiled by the summer visitor and represents 

a perfect goldmine of subjects.'” 

-Horace Mitchell, Portland Press Herald, October 14, 1938.

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